SBA Lending Guide

SBA recognizes that the conventional commercial loan market may not offer many small business owners access to the capital they need to keep their businesses strong and help them grow. SBA has developed a number of financial programs for small businesses, which will be explained in this section.

If you need to learn more about financing, start with Understanding the Basics for background information that will help you get up to speed.

If you already have a good grasp of basic financial principles and want to learn more about SBA’s financial programs, you can go right to SBA’s Role

If you understand financial principles and know which SBA program you’re interested in, go directly to The Application Process.

Whether you’re new to business financing concepts or interested in a refresher course, you might benefit from SBA’s free online training program about financing a small business that will provide you with an excellent overview: Finance Primer: Guide to SBA's Loan Guaranty Programs

 For more information about SBA’s programs, contact your local SBA District Office.

Visit the SBA Lending Guide website by clicking here.