Overview of the Northeast Texas SBDC

Succeeding in small business is not easy! Competition is fierce, and the key to success lies in exceeding customer expectations and optimizing scarce resources. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can help you find your competitive edge.

If you own an established business, the SBDC can help in these areas:

  • forecast and manage revenues and expenses
  • budgeting and open-to-buy
  • manage cash flow
  • conduct financial analysis and improve profitability
  • develop competitive strategies or new markets
  • optimize operating efficiency through debt restructure or refinance
  • understand and secure loans and other types of capital
  • design a marketing plan
  • hire and manage employees
  • keep abreast of current technologies

 If you have considered starting a business, the SBDC can help:

  • determine the feasibility of a new business concept
  • develop a business plan
  • evaluate the purchase of a franchise or existing business
  • identify viable sources of capital
  • obtain necessary licenses and permits
  • identify important milestones and set them to a timeline
Did You Know?
North Texas SBDCs helped clients obtain an estimated $105 million in financing in 2014.... AND... Every $1 spent on the SBDC network enabled north Texas small businesses to access $17.73 in new capital... AND... SBDC clients nationally experienced an average sales increase of 13.6% between 2014 and 2015 — that's four times greater than the average for businesses in general!